Meet Allison

I’m Allison Corrin French.

The hubs and I fell in love and got married as dreaming twenty-one year olds and, in a way, have grown up together over the years. It’s not been a perfect journey, but the valleys have made the peaks just that much more worthwhile. Days with our four littles, Ellie, Tristan, Judah and Lucy, are equally as loud as exhausting as exhilarating as humorous as humbling. I share a great number of these stories here.

Photography has always been a part of my life, my way to savor the simple, as far back as filling rolls upon rolls of film, even if it was just the hundreds of dollars I spent for the disposable cardboard boxes that housed them, swirling them in coldness, peering through the filmy liquid for that moment when the expressions, the emotions, the details become tangible.

And, yet, when I became a momma, my passion for this immortalization of our memories deepened as I began to more deeply see the fleeting nature of the things that make each of our lives so uniquely beautiful…the creamed up coffee, steam floating softly into the untouched morning, the fresh mornings’ first rays singing of the the purest sense of new beginning. I felt so much more deeply the precious nature of barefoot muddy toes in the summer’s warmth and in the crispest of winters, cozy fireplace blazes under piled worn blankets next to the one who knows how to hold you just right. I began to realize the significance of the “in between moments of life”…the gooey homemade cookies scorching eager lips, the Elizabeth Mitchell melodies played loudly in an afternoon needing redemption, freshly cut flowers, dew still lingering and the stacks and stacks of richly vibrant children’s books we’ve all heard since our youth and now read out loud again and again, the finger-running tousle through the locks you nuzzle in, breathing the loveliness of what only you two share.

See, I believe these things, these moments, are not just happenstance, coincidental interruptions of grander things, but, rather, the grandness itself. I believe these are where the richness of life, the deepest beauty of our story lies.

And so, when you step in front of my camera, I’ll ask you to whisper, dance, snuggle, kiss. Yes, I’ll look for that moment when you’re all looking at the camera, smiling and happy, but more importantly, I’ll ask you what’s precious about each other, when you fell in love, what makes you laugh uncontrollably, where your happy place is. See, my hope is not just to snap a quick photo of bodies posed, eyes pointed forward, but to let my lens share the words of a story only you can write, the story of your one beautiful life.

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