The story of the way Bo held his wife Nikki as together they brought their light and love, Eliora, into the blue skied world.

Not even two years ago I was there too.
Documenting the day that in all her strength and power, Nikki became a mother. 

It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever been a part of.
But then there was this week.
As she once again with grace carried her little girl within.
And with blue skies the day came to bring her into the world.
Words fall short of the humility I am lost in once again as twice in one week now,
I’ve had the opportunity to  document beauty in its rawest form.
There’s really nothing like it,
witnessing the God-breathed, God-sustained, God-needed strength that silently rises from roots prepared a whole lifetime
witnessing it extend up from the soul,
swelling in salt tears and out through an exhale of everything she didn’t know she had until then.

Witnessing the same Lord she cried out for breathe life into the tiny perfect life as she pulled her against her breast,
she’ll live just as her name means, the Lord is my light.
It all that day bore witness to the
the glory they radiate in their boldness,
the divine harmony they create in their unison,
and the beauty they are as now they are, together,
This is the birth of Eliora Love.

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