While snowflakes fell and the night closed in, Orion Blake was born.

It’s not often that words fail me, but as I sit here, humbled in tears by their tears, having been there myself five times over, and yet still can’t seem to wrap enough verbiage around what I witnessed that night.
This moment steals the breath from my lungs as my heart rushes back to how it all was.
Because life is from the beginning and always, a gift.
This man, whose life has already been marked by courage and sacrifice, as he always has, and always will, stayed beside the woman he loves side, her rock, wrapping comfort around her through the night and into the morning and across the hours of another day, wiping her tears, hearing her before words could be formed.
And she, steadfast through the pain for the sake of her son, never questioned her path, never doubted her strength within, working through the dark and as snow fell around them, eyes closed, soul unwavering through the suffering for the longing, steady for who their arms would finally hold.
And then there was the hover between warmth and light, drawn out by his father, pulled to breast by his mother, their son was earthside, his first breath, what we all held our own for, the gasp of cold in his lungs, exhaled in cries as melodies of miracle.  

And love transcendent filled the room.

The completion of one chapter of their story, their family- two as one, the dawn of the next- their greatness as three, this is the birth of Orion Blake. 


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