Lexi and her love and their girls together in the salt and sand and blue of Florida’s twilight.

As Mothers of young children- we are often reminded to savor each milestone. Embrace it all… the chaos and the joy and the mess and the measure of their tiny hands and feet.
But Mamas, what they don’t tell us is to record it all. Write about, photograph it… and get in the frame. You won’t remember it all. You think you can now… but time and years meld into one another and before you know it a hand full of years (and gray hairs) later, it all just blurs. A beautiful blur. But time and childhood waits for no one. I know myself all too well.
Let your children one day see how you celebrate them. Let them see the love in your eyes and in your embrace. Give yourself permission to dress up and feel beautiful and frolic in the hills with them.
We don’t get do overs.
-Sarah Cornish
And so, because we’re artists and mothers and business owners and lovers and often in this glorious conflict,
we lose sight of who we are pouring ourselves out for each and every day.
Because sometimes the strength we need to walk forward is found just knowing they’re following in our footsteps.
Because they are the very color of our world.
Because even when it’s exhausting, we need to remember how lovely it all is.
Because of this, Lexi and I found two nights where our worlds collided and gathered those we hold most precious, those we call our people.
Not in the way we would claim possessions or accessories, but ours in the way that we belong to them as much as our blood runs through their veins and in the noise and imperfection of sharing breath and space and life, we are finding grace together with these people.

We gathered them all and asked each other to create tangibly what can never be put into words.
And this night she gave me the gift of seeing her family in all their golden beauty.
They dug their toes in the sand and let the salt glisten on their shoulders and sat together, intertwined in body as their hearts will always be and watched the sky feather to navy and let me make for them in images the art they’re living.
And I was so very, truly, blessed.

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