The illuminated beauty of the in-between years.

I’ve been fascinated in a new way lately, a deeper sense of delight
watching these families in the in-between years.
The years where some of the burden of the physical care of newborns has been lifted for mothers and fathers and in its place a  responsibility has been birthed for their family.
The years where everything God has knit and tucked within each uniquely needed person is being discovered by those who have loved them since they were within the womb.
The years where the layers of protection and guard like tender petals begin to unfold so wonder can blossom into wisdom and the understanding of pain and forgiveness and devotion and beauty can find root.
These years of a tender sort of careful, balanced nurturing, these years before they, like mighty eagles, are nudged to soar in greatness.
It was this that captured me this evening.
And this is the beauty I saw.

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