The warmth of light that comes from within.

There’s a particular sort of warmth that comes with watching a family grow before your eyes.

The day they became a mother and a father

and then the morning they celebrated while a sister was just so tiny within

and then the night he once again held his wife as they welcome life into their arms again.

And while some of these images have been made in dark  of night and others in the glow of summer and just recently as the leaves made a blanket around us,
the beauty lies deeper
in the light that is, simply, them.

kansascityphotographer_3000 kansascityphotographer_3001 kansascityphotographer_3002 kansascityphotographer_3003 kansascityphotographer_3004 kansascityphotographer_3005 kansascityphotographer_3006 kansascityphotographer_3007 kansascityphotographer_3008 kansascityphotographer_3009 kansascityphotographer_3010 kansascityphotographer_3011 kansascityphotographer_3012 kansascityphotographer_3013 kansascityphotographer_3014 kansascityphotographer_3015 kansascityphotographer_3016 kansascityphotographer_3017 kansascityphotographer_3018 kansascityphotographer_3019 kansascityphotographer_3020 kansascityphotographer_3021 kansascityphotographer_3022 kansascityphotographer_3023 kansascityphotographer_3024 kansascityphotographer_3025 kansascityphotographer_3026

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