After school in the space of their home on a brilliant autumn afternoon.

Three years ago they invited me into their space, into the innocent and wonder and delight of young motherhood. You can see the session here.
And while some call time a thief, for others, they make it their alchemist.
Because since the years since I was with this family last,
time has made house a home in a way that can only be called sacred.
This is the space where tears are cried and feelings are hurt and all of humanity is hashed out.
The space where stories are made and told, laughter is hearty and deep and with a look, all is known.
See fifteen years ago it was just them, young and in love, choosing each other, promising always.
And now in a blink, they are here, celebrating over homework, cheers-ing through soccer games.
Here they are finding the treasure of romance made richer with the familiar.
And thus, this is the art of what they have together made- after school, in the space of their home, on a brilliant autumn afternoon.

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