Looking back on tenderness, vulnerability and intimacy.

Though the melodies are different,
some serenaded by exhausted whispers, some punctuated by anticipation and celebration,
these songs are each made precious, even sacred
by the tenderness, vulnerability, and the intimacy.
And it is my joy to make them into art.

This is a look back on the last few months, just a few of the photographs, just a few of the stories.

For more of my own heart stories, see here.

kansascityphotographer_0001 kansascityphotographer_0002 kansascityphotographer_0003 kansascityphotographer_0004 kansascityphotographer_0005 kansascityphotographer_0006 kansascityphotographer_0007 kansascityphotographer_0008 kansascityphotographer_0009 kansascityphotographer_0010 kansascityphotographer_0011 kansascityphotographer_0012 kansascityphotographer_0013 kansascityphotographer_0014 kansascityphotographer_0015 kansascityphotographer_0016 kansascityphotographer_0017 kansascityphotographer_0018 kansascityphotographer_0019 kansascityphotographer_0020 kansascityphotographer_0021 kansascityphotographer_0022 kansascityphotographer_0023

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