Sixteen from sixteen.

Last year I shared fifteen photographs of our year,
and the year before fourteen.
And while color and and technicalities are encompassed deep within this craft,
the heart of the art is just that, my heart.

kansascitybestphotographer_0058 And deeper still, it struck me the other day, yet another lesson from this creative pursuit.

kansascitybestphotographer_0059 The greatest most righteous man, in all His wisdom and omniscience was in fact,

kansascitybestphotographer_0060 a storyteller.

kansascitybestphotographer_0061 His crafted words wrapped up in simple parables life’s greatest heartbreaks, mysteries and glories.

kansascitybestphotographer_0062 Because sometimes in the details, the realities, the routine,

kansascitybestphotographer_0063 the divine becomes dusty, life’s meaning, mundane.

kansascitybestphotographer_0064 Yet when we step back to study it all together,

kansascitybestphotographer_0065 where scarcity was felt, we see perfecting provision,
in place of obstacles, merciful abundance.
kansascitybestphotographer_0066 And so in the same images I see my children so clearly, quickly, growing,

kansascitybestphotographer_0067 and while I’m documenting baby cheeks and lost teeth and two wheeling and wide eyed wonder,

kansascitybestphotographer_0068  I hope they’ll someday look back at them and read the words of the story we’re writing,

through tears shed and laughter shared


feel their, my, our lessons learned.

kansascitybestphotographer_0069 Because it’s becoming more clear
kansascitybestphotographer_0072 each year that passes
that the arch of our story
is simply singing grace

kansascitybestphotographer_0073 louder.
And daily I’m more thankful.


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