The rhythm of living, exploring the love of learning together.

September has slipped away into history already.
And another chapter has started,
the fourth year of somehow finding ourselves in this rhythm,
calling our life of learning- school and because it is mostly together- homeschooling.
I’ve shared over coffee with friends my own story of childhood
of sunrises and books in the treehouse and tending baby chicks all with my sisters
followed by a few years in private education, even some in uniform
finished up with four high school years with its sports and proms
followed by state university and then back teaching for years in the public schools.
So all this to say I know trials and joys will be found in any system,
there’s no perfect teacher,
no perfect setting,
no easy road.

Thus we take each day as it comes,
navigating the balance of memorization and discovery, chores and imagination, working in books and studying life.
They all hold their value.

And though I don’t know the future, what new seasons will require or hold,
this rhythm feels right, feels fitting
as we all engage our minds, grow our hearts and otherwise navigate this journey,

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