The ridiculous things we do that kind of still make my world go round.

Sometimes we have to do those things that make our kids giggle because someday they’ll probably roll their eyes.

And sometimes the hassle is worth it because these days are in essence, priceless.
And sometimes piling all in the bed with matching pajamas and barefoot toes,
fur and first baby dressed to the nines as well,
while  completely unnatural and totally ridiculous
when it’s all of us together, loud and squirming,
it’s what makes my world go round.

kansascityfamilyphotographer_0001 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0002 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0003 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0004 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0005 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0006 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0007 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0008 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0009 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0010 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0011 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0012 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0013 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0014 kansascityfamilyphotographer_0015

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