The week away, the week within.

With stories full of seashells and salt and “I’m sorry”‘s,
we’ve returned to our Kansas plain life.
We’ve made this trek a few times now, added children and bags and freckles and frustrations and mishaps and laughter each time.
And with each time we’ve come to believe this sacred time we’ve been given is
less about “getting away” and more about diving into,
less about landscape and more about learning,
less about scenery and really just another way to share life.
Because what we’ve found for ourselves, our own, is when we step back from the busyness, the distraction of our normal rhythm,
we’ve found firsthand there’s not as much to hide behind
and instead we are challenged to face head on
the complicated, the endearing, the imperfections,
the essence of what we’re going to choose, who we’re going to choose.
And so these are my photographs, my film, my memories made tangible
from days spent just a little closer to each other.
This is what I’ll remember when as their limbs continue to extend, their bodies grow bigger, their dreams grow greater, a mother’s heart made art through the lens.
And although just like a wise man once said of all of social media,
what is chosen to be posted and shared is just our highlights reel,
because it doesn’t hold a lot of what became evident, a lot of what needed to be worked through,
the travel glitches, the time zone change, the shift in routine,
the inner workings of leaning into love,
this highlights reel still holds what is worth being refined for.
And though it’s not usually easy, pretty or simple, I know I’m left here,
humbled, grateful, joy-filled
learning to choose them.

floridabeachphotographer_0001 floridabeachphotographer_0002 floridabeachphotographer_0003 floridabeachphotographer_0004 floridabeachphotographer_0005 floridabeachphotographer_0006 floridabeachphotographer_0007 floridabeachphotographer_0008 floridabeachphotographer_0009 floridabeachphotographer_0010 floridabeachphotographer_0011 floridabeachphotographer_0012 floridabeachphotographer_0013 floridabeachphotographer_0014 floridabeachphotographer_0015 floridabeachphotographer_0016 floridabeachphotographer_0017 floridabeachphotographer_0018 floridabeachphotographer_0019 floridabeachphotographer_0020 floridabeachphotographer_0021 floridabeachphotographer_0022 floridabeachphotographer_0023 floridabeachphotographer_0024 floridabeachphotographer_0025 floridabeachphotographer_0026 floridabeachphotographer_0027 floridabeachphotographer_0028 floridabeachphotographer_0029 floridabeachphotographer_0030 floridabeachphotographer_0031 floridabeachphotographer_0032 floridabeachphotographer_0033 floridabeachphotographer_0034 floridabeachphotographer_0035 floridabeachphotographer_0036 floridabeachphotographer_0037 floridabeachphotographer_0038 floridabeachphotographer_0039 floridabeachphotographer_0040

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