The CULTIVATE series from Allison Corrin Photography is designed to encourage, excite and empower photographers,

aspiring and established, hobbyists and business owners alike, to appreciate the beauty in their everyday through the art

of photography. Our time together is designed to inspire the eye, cultivate creativity and nourish the spirit.

As the first installment of this series, the CAPTURE workshop has been designed to dedicate a day to celebrating the

beauty of the everyday, inspiring hearts, cultivating creativity and nourishing spirits. CAPTURE focuses on photography’s

technical components, shooting in manual mode indoors and outdoors in order to create beautiful, meaningful photographs

as well as discusses other valuable considerations in the storytelling of photography.

Questions are answered and technicalities simplified within this craft of photography, but even more, it is a time full of

joyous community, and most importantly, only the beginning of a journey of gratitude!

Workshops start at $375 and are limited in space. Read more about our workshops here.

Please contact for further information.